Web Based & fully Responsive

Chauffeurs Choice software is web based so can be easily accessed via your PC Laptop Tablet or Mobile device 
so there is no need for an expensive pda system. (Internet connection required)


Online Bookings Made Easy

After a basic registration process customers can make their bookings via the user friendly online booking form, receiving an instant automated email confirmation for every booking, a copy of the confirmation also gets sent to you. 

Bookings can be cancelled via their login up to 24 hrs prior to journey commencement.

Regular addresses and destinations can be saved to your customers profile for future booking convenience.


Daybook - assign jobs with ease

Any bookings made will directly populate the daybook.  The easy to use daybook defaults to today's date, with the ability to scroll day by day or display several days at a time.  Administrators and Operators allocate work from here whilst consulting the driver availability record. Drivers can then accept confirm or reject work allocated.  All work is priced and set ready to invoice via the daybook.  Work is also shared to the Network from here if desired.


Driver availability

Drivers can log-in to update and manage their availability, so work can be placed with confidence.  All drivers availability entered is viewable to administrators and operators on the daybook for reference when allocating work.


Operator Confidence

Get peace of mind when drivers accept & confirm jobs within an agreed timeframe to ensure jobs are covered.


Automated Updates

Drivers can log-in to find all their work details, removing the need for time consuming communications.  Drivers can also view their own work & payment history.


Admin is secure & made easy with 3 Login levels.

Administrators - have full access across the system, and the authority to increase or decrease access levels for operators and drivers, also the ability to lock them out,   Administrators can also be drivers.

Operators - this login level is ideal for staff you wish to assist in the day to day runnning of your business, either as a temporary or permanent measure, but who you may not wish to grant full access or ability to undermine Administrators by locking them out.  Administrators can increase or decrease a driver's security level to or from an Operators status with the ticking of a box in their profile, Operators can also be drivers.
Drivers -  this access level gives the drivers ability to view their daybook, & accept confirm or reject work which they have been allocated.  It allows them to enter their availability on a date - date basis for quick reference by Admin or Ops staff who are distributing work. They can also view their own driver pay record, which removes the onus and responsibility from the office staff, and the necessity for them to provide it.


Simple Invoicing - with EDIT ability

Gives the option to efficiently create your customers invoices with as few, or as many jobs as necessary, also the ability to group by department / reference number with sub totals and grand total.

Edit invoice 

From feedback, we are aware of the frustrations experienced whilst invoicing  with many other systems which are on the market when it comes to making a mistake.  It is extremely annoying and time consuming having to delete and re-create an invoice if an error is apparent after saving, for this reason we have included an edit facility.


Many other networking facilities offer similar functionality, but you often risk losing your company identity and possibly even reputation when your customer is carried, due to a different - or lower standard of service.  This occurs because networking is very often just plain old ' subbing ' work out to unknown suppliers.

Much time and thought has gone in to developing this facility.  The Network gives subscribers the opportunity to share work in a controlled environment with other selected subscribers.

How it works

Any bookings you wish to put to the Network are priced from the day book then appear on the Network page. All subscribers with Network access can see your jobs, but to protect your customer information only basic details are visible - so not enough for anybody else to use it to approach your clients, also only your selected Trust Alliance members can accept your work.
When one of your Trust Alliance members accepts the job it will display their company name on that job on your daybook, and display the job in more detail on their own daybook. On viewing your job in more detail you can also see their driver and vehicle which has been allocated to the job. You retain full control over the job, and Trust Alliance members can not send the job back to you, you can however 'retrieve' a job at any time.

We do advise you exercise caution when retrieving jobs, and develop your own group etiquette and work ethic whilst using the Network facility. A common sense approach which works for all is recommended, but retrieving a job when deemed inappropriate by the Trust Alliance member who imported it could undermine your Trust Alliance.

Non - Trust alliance members can contact you regarding your work, and you have the ability to select their company and give them the job if you wish, or even add them to your Trust Alliance if they are considered suitable.

Work taken from the Network facility is paid company to
company via pay pal.

Note: The network is a complementary facility, which may be withdrawn should a customer use it inappropriately.

Some benefits of the Network facility.

 Capacity coverage and flexibility - can be greatly increased by using the Network facility.  For example, if you are a small business but busy and have an overflow of work, or maybe you are looking to grow your customer base and your company size and ability, you can put all your surplus work on the network site.  If you already give or get support by working with other companies, select them as your Trust Alliance members and instantly increase your capacity.  It is generally the nature of the trade that whilst some companies are busy, others will be quiet, so this is an excellent way of supporting each other.  At the same time you will be projecting a bigger and far more dominating  ' presence ' in the market place - or to potential new customers.   ( A relevant subscription to Chauffeurs Choice is needed )

 Increased profits & reduced dead mileage - can easily be achieved under some circumstances.  For example, if your business has large quantities of long distance bookings, and you Network with other companies which do the same route from time to time, you can put any amount of your long distance journeys on the network site, and if the other companies are Trust Alliance members they may have a job booked doing the empty leg of your journey.  Deals and pricing are subject to your own discretion and Trust Alliance agreement.   Based on overheads being approximately 50% of earnings though, if a journey is priced at £150.00, but put on the Network site at £75.00 as a return for somebody else, that person will effectively double their profit on that journey.  It will also leave you with the profit you would have earned possibly without even leaving your home or office, without putting any miles on your car, and also a few more hours in your day to spend on further streamlining of your business... or maybe with the family?


Encourage your associates in the industry to subscribe - and together potentially dominate your area.

Customer Accounts

Your customers can set up their own accounts and save regular locations to their profile for easier booking. Customers can also monitor and make payments, and have access to invoices and outstanding bookings.


Driver & Vehicle profiles include licence expiry date facilities, which generate a warning giving Administrators & Operators notice of  approaching renewals required.

Flight Tracker

The current facility is included free for all subscribers and all 3 login levels.  Flight tracker also includes other information which may be relevant to your flight, such as weather and delays.


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There are 3 access/security levels for logging in. 

Driver: This gives minimum access, which enables any Driver to enter and view only their own work information. It also allows them to enter any notes or additional information.
Operator: This gives access for an operative to manage the day-book and general operations, but is limited to select areas.
Administrator: This gives access to ALL areas, some of which senior members may not wish other staff to have access to.

The Daybook

All work appears on the Daybook as entered by the customer. If necessary this information can be edited by the operator at any time, or by the customer until 24 hrs before the time of the job.  

Drivers list their availability on the daybook via their own log in. The drivers also enter additional information such as car park charges, extra mileage, waiting time, and other relevant comments.  

All this information is needed before work can be invoiced. In doing it this way businesses save time otherwise spent both distributing work and gathering information.

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All customer address information is registered and appears on their invoices.  When creating your invoices, you can select & group 'all' or any number of journeys you wish between 2 chosen dates.  If on viewing your created invoice, or following feedback from your customer you discover a mistake, you can easily edit an invoice without the need to delete and recreate it.  This facility is available until that invoice is marked as paid.


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Check the status of any of your invoices easily in the invoice section.  View all or individual customers invoice history,

View,  access, or edit notes & unpaid invoices.

Mark as ' Paid ' and email directly to your customers.

Driver Payments

This section enables easy identification of invoiced work carried out by drivers on an individual basis, either by invoice or date to date.



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To cover company overheads or increase profit, it is often fair or necessary to take a percentage of earnings from the drivers work. The commission facility in Chauffeur's Choice allows you to have a fixed amount deducted - eg 10%. The default commission percentage is adjustable driver to driver, also on a job to job basis.

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